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Western Canadian Bowling Tour is a points system that was devised by Adam Martin and has been used by 5 Pin

Universe for 4 years to rank the best bowlers that have been playing the Western cash circuit over this time.  With

the points system being accepted by many, it may be leading to greater and better things for 5 pin bowling in


The Scottsdale Classic: This tournament runs on September long weekend and is the beginning of the WCBT (Western Canadian Bowling Tour).  It is held by Scottsdale Lanes in Surrey, B.C.

Autumn Open

Autumn Open:  This tournament runs Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in August and is one of the longest running cash tournaments on the WCBT.  Paradise Lanes always put on a good show and is a thrill to watch as it is always high scoring.

TPC at Sherwood

TPC at Sherwood:  The TPC is held by the amazing staff at Sherwood Bowl in Sherwood Park, AB.  It is usually played on Remembrance Day weekend.


3rd stop on the WCBT tour.

Regina Classic:  4th stop on the tour.  It has been the largest tournament for the past few years and with it's synthetic surface at GoldenMile Bowling Lanes has been the highest scoring as well.


Peace Glass Open: This young tournament is perfectly wedged in between the stalwart Regina Classic and the forever growing Traditional Open and is currently the highest prize for winning this tournament sponsered by Peace Glass at $10,000.  Held in Fort St. John, B.C.

The Heritage

The Heritage Traditional: This tournament has one of the most unique formats and has consistently been growing in size.  It is the 6th and final stop on the tour.

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