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Latest News

December 12, 2022

Amazing event held at St. James Lanes in Winnipeg the 2022 Manitoba Open, now on the WCBTour, 3rd stop of the season.

Derek Home grabbed the title from BC's Matthew Harms.  An amazing turnout.

November 8, 2022

266 entries for this years TPC!!!  We had some bad Alberta weather and harsh road conditions. Amazing numbers!

The Invitationals were taken down by Tyler Tytgat and Jenna Lamoureux, the Friday Doubles was won by Derek Home & Brittnee Lakusta.

Main Event was won by the amazing Brad Moens over the steady and always a threat Gary Baird!!

October 11th, 2022

296, a record breaking amount of entries for the Autumn Open!!

Congratulations to Rylan Willier coming first place in the qualifying shifts, first place in the semi-finals, and first place in the finals!! An absolute dominant performance and another first time winner, displaying how deep the competitive field of 5-pin bowling truly is.

The action was fast and fierce, it came down to the last frame of the last game.

Congratulations to all the semi-finalists and final 16! On a special note, congrats

to the runner-up Karie Kreutz, another great performance coming in 2nd back to back years.

May 16, 2022

Huge congratulations go out to the Pro League Teams that made playoffs, Next Gen with the Runner-Up finish and the Dream Crushers taking down the inaugural Title!

Heritage Traditional Open set a new WCBT record for entries at 300!!! A great run by Brett Mapstone of Edmonton to come second while Derek Orne of Winnipeg wins his first Major Cash tournament!!  Congratulations to all the finalists and winners on an amazing weekend.

April 4, 2022

The 5PU Team Pro League regular season has come to an end! Play-offs start this Sunday, check out all the stats and latest info here.

February 28,2022

Regina Classic with another amazing tournament with 260 Entries, great turn out and support for this staple in the WCBT schedule.  Len Anseth battled Regina's own Jon Moens in the final with Lenny taking his 2nd Regna Classic trophy home!

December 10th, 2021

133 Entries for the Manitoba Open, an amazing start to a tournament that has been dormant for a number of years.  St. James put on an amazing event and the local Dwayne Gelardi taking down the trophy against WCBTour Champion Greg Degrazia!.  A great start to their bid to become a WCBT member event on the schedule for next season.

November 8th, 2021

278 Entries!!!! TPC @ Sherwood has done it again, smashing entry records and producing another stellar tournament.  Mikayla Juricic at 14 years old rolling a perfect game, Tyler Tygat winning the $1000 Invitational and Tracy Smith capturing the Ladies Invitational title, Derek Gall taking down his 2nd Cash tour title and Sylvain Bercier with another amazing run finishing Runner-up.

What a weekend, hope to see you all at the 2021 Manitoba Open in December!

October 16, 2021

Finally the 2021-2022 WCBT season has begun! 211 entries at this years 48th Annual Autumn Open held at Paradise Lanes, amazing competition, Randy Main throwing a perfect game, also with Cary Snyder taking the title this year by 45 pins over our very own founder Karie Kreutz.

See you all at the TPC @ Sherwood in November!

December 31st, 2020

The qualifying round for the 8 Gamer is now complete, see the Top 24 here, playoff round to follow once COVID restrictions are reduced and all bowling centres are open for play.

December 4th, 2020

Congratulations to Greg Degrazia on winning the 2020 WCBTour Championship, defeating 2018 Champion Tyler Tytgat in the final!

We are happy to announce a new event that starts December 6th and runs qualifying till December 30th!  Check it out here:

October 14th, 2020


The TPC @ Sherwood 2020 is postponed, the WCBT and TPC committees are hoping to run the event later in the 2020-2021 season.

September 15, 2020


The Autumn Open 2020 is postponed, the WCBT and Autumn committees are hoping to run the event later in the 2020-2021 season.

July 27th, 2020


The Heritage Traditional Open has now been cancelled for 2020.  Making Dexter Wiseman the 2020 Player of the Year for the WCBT and keeping his #1 ranking for 5 Pin Universe!

April 15th, 2020


The Heritage Traditional Open has postponed to August 6th - 9th, 2020.

We hope that these changes will help manage the COVID-19 pandemic and help bring closure to the WCBT's 2019-2020 season!

February 24th, 2020

With just the TPC @ Sherwood breaking the entry record of 266 the Regina Classic steps up and has an amazing amount of entries at 268!  Unbelievable, with the outstanding amount of players the Top prize was worth $10,000, the former WCBTour Champion Tyler Tytgat ended up taking the 2020 Regina Classic trophy and the top prize!  Taylor Michel was runner-up also having an amazing performance.

See you all in Red Deer for the Heritage Traditional Open in May!

November 11th, 2019

After a record breaking 266 entries at the 2019 TPC @ Sherwood we are left with our jaws dropped at the level of play it took to compete at this level.  TPC Invitational was won by Danny Baer, Ladies Invitational winner Jennifer Devenney, Doubles event Champions were Parker Anderson and Bailey Lawson and the Main Event Champion is Jordon Schuss who was able to take down Dexter Wiseman, the hottest player on Sunday!

October 14th, 2019

Congratulations to Bryan Hirst winning the 2019 Autumn Open in one of the largest fields the tournament has seen in the recent history, 200 Entries!  Also congrats to NEB's Fun World at an amazing 184 entries and Mitch Davies claiming his 3rd Club Tour title.

October 9th, 2019

Now that the last Episode of the 2019 WCBTour Championship has aired, we send our congratulations too Adam Weber for taking the title!  Also huge applause goes the Matthew Harms for making it to the finals after qualifying 14th and making the most of an opportunity due to 2 players unable to attend the season ending tournament.

Watch all the episodes: WCBT Videos

May 15, 2019

The Heritage Traditional Open capped off an amazing season! This season seen Champions getting back to the winning circle and one newly crowned one, but something special is said for the first 2 time winner of the Traditional, Victor Fobert.  Who fended off the running hot Erik Kjos, who was looking for back to back WCBT Titles and also trying to take down Adam Weber's Player of the Year trophy.

Amazing bowling by all that made the cut and now the final 12 is set found at the WCBT website.

February 26th, 2019

A very successful 2019 Regina Classic lifts a brand new Champion in Erik Kjos! Erik played phenomenal all weekend and was even able to hold off 5 Pin Universe's Ranked #1 Adam Weber in the Semi Final and was able to take down former Classic Champion Brad Moens in the Final!


Regina Classic hit it's all time high in entries at 214, the WCBT is strong!  See you all @ Red Deer in May!

November 5th, 2018

Lonny Akers is crowned as the 2018 TPC @ Sherwood Champion! Defeating Bradly Tytgat in a very exciting final.  Dwayne Gelardi threw a perfect game, and Adam Weber once again dominates qualifying and ran up both sides of the brackets on the Sunday of the championship.

The TPC had an amazing 239 entries! highest entries since the beginning of the WCBT era.

October 25th, 2018

We have launched our Patreon page, looking to improve instructional videos, podcasts and even merchandise for the 5 Pin Bowling community.  Our first podcast is available to listen to as well.

October 9th, 2018

So lots to cover since the last update, we will start out with the WCBTour Championship, Tyler Tytgat the younger brother of former WCBTour Champion Bradly, took the Title down and hoisted the 3rd Tour Championship!  Defeating Dexter Wiseman in the final.  Watch on the WCBT YouTube page

Next the 2018 Autumn Open, Dexter Wiseman with the itch since being denied the title in August decides to take down the Autumn Open and grab the trophy for himself!  Dexter's second title only 2 years after his twin brother Tim Wiseman winning the 2016 Edition.

Now the 5 Pin Universe rankings, Adam Weber was able to take 5th in the 2018 Autumn Open while previous #1 Karie Kreutz finished 12th and slid to #2 on our rankings.  Congrats to the new #1 and will wait till the TPC @ Sherwood if there will be another shake up.

May 14th, 2018

Huge shout out to Kevin Holdsworth winning his 4th career Major Cash Tournament win, but his first WCBT title since it's inauguration in 2015, Adam Weber is the runner up and locked down the WCBT Player of the Year!!

5 Pin Universe Rankings are up to date as of the 2018 Heritage Traditional

The WCBT Top 12 is set and can be seen at, TOUR Championship to be played August 11th, 2018.

February 27th, 2018

Another great weekend at the 2018 Regina Classic comes to an end.

Matt Schultz grabs his 2nd Regina Classic title! With Greg Degrazia bowling phenomenal all day. Also Bob Beaucage rolls a Perfect game in Sundays finals. 

With another cut above 2200, amazing bowling.

Congrats to all!

November 8th, 2017

Adam Weber finally takes down another title! The 2017 TPC @ Sherwood, he defeated the always strong Mitch Davies from Hamilton, Ontario.

Dexter Wiseman also conquered the TPC Invitational that kicked off the 2017 event.

October 10, 2017

Congratulations go to Karie Kreutz on winning the 2017 Autumn Open, making it his 3rd Tiltle and also his 2nd in a row!  He defeated a very tough 16 with 2 very young talented bowlers nipping at his heels Sam Gelardi and Tyler Tytgat.

Also the 5 Pin Universe rankings are updated, there was quite the bit of moving around.  Some player fell due to losing a large amount of points from a few years ago.

5 Pin Universe Rankings is a 5 year depreciation scale based on WCBT points system:

Last 20 Events

2017 Autumn Open - 100%

2017 Heritage Traditional - 100%

2017 Regina Classic - 100%

2016 TPC @ Sherwood - 100%

2016 Autumn Open - 75%

2016 Heritage Traditional - 75%

2016 Regina Classic - 75%

2015 TPC @ Sherwood - 75%

2015 Autumn Open - 50%

2015 Heritage Traditional - 50%

2015 Regina Classic - 50%

2014 TPC @ Sherwood - 50%

2014 Autumn Open - 25%

2014 Heritage Traditional - 25%

2014 Regina Classic - 25%

2013 TPC @ Sherwood - 25%

October 2nd, 2017

With the Autumn Open only 4 days away and the WCBT's 3rd Season in view, the WCBT has been releasing professionally produced episodes of their 2017 WCBT Championship.  The first 3 episodes have been amazing!

With all this going on we are also adding more blogs to out content here at 5 Pin Universe.  Please check out the latest from a friend on the east coast!

I could have been good at this game.

September 15th, 2017

We have added a Calendar page for all your Scratch bowling tournaments can be found in one location!  If you know of a tournament and wish to submit it please email to

Congrats to Brandon Tibbs winning the first NBT Challenge!

May 15th, 2017


We would like to congratulate Karie Kreutz on winning the 2017 Heritage Traditional,  after a long day on the lanes he was able to take down the up and coming Tyler Tytgat in the final!  A strong representation from Ontario again in the Top 4 with Mike Herbert and Mitch Davies.


February 27th, 2017


Congratulations to Mitch Davies on collecting his first win on the Western Canadian Bowling Tour the 2017 Regina Classic, Mitch defeated Mike Herbert in the Final, a very exciting match between the two Ontario natives.


November 7th, 2016


We extend our congratulations out to Steven Medhurst on successfully defending his Title at the 2016 TPC @ Sherwood! With Mike Lacoursiere the runner-up this year.


The 2016 TPC Invitational was won by Freddie Tofflemire with runner up Mark Johnstone 2 years in a row.


As well as Erik Kjos throwing a Perfect Game which is his first in the fourth shift of Qualifying.  For more details visit


October 13th, 2016


Congratulations to Tim Wiseman on winning the 2016 Autumn Open, the first stop on the WCBT 2016-2017 Season!


August 26th, 2016


We apologize for the length the website was not active, we have refocused the direction the site is going.  We are focusing on Blogs and following the Pro Circuit of the WCBT.  The ranking system was developed based on many different rankings from several sports and we feel best reflects the strength of the active players.


Hope you enjoy the site as we head into the new season!


Congratulations to all the winners last season! We will all see you on the lanes this season!


October 16th, 2015


Congratulations to Shae Landvas on winning the 2015 Scottsdale Classic and to Bradly Tytgat on winning the 2015 Autumn Open



5 Pin Universe Rankings

Up-1        1. Tyler Tytgat - 757 pts

Dn-1        2. Dexter Wiseman - 755 pts

Up-1        3. Mitch Davies - 733 pts

Up-2        4. Karie Kreutz - 641 pts

Dn-2        5. Adam Weber - 602 pts

Dn-1        6. Greg Degrazia - 601 pts

-------        7. Sylvain Bercier - 548 pts

-------        8. Bradly Tytgat - 527 pts

Up-2        9. Dwayne Gelardi - 465 pts

Dn-1      10. Len Anseth - 464 pts

Dn-1      11. Derek Home - 430 pts

Up-7      12. Matthew Harms - 429 pts

Up-4      13. Brad Moens - 427 pts

-------      14. Colton Youzwa - 399 pts

Dn-3      15. Tim Wiseman - 381 pts

Full Listing


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